Gear up for a Blast from the Past with a Twist of the Future!

"Retrospective" is a captivating journey into a dystopian dieselpunk universe, where
the rugged landscapes and advanced machinery of a retro-futuristic world come to
life across over 50 pages of stunning, high-resolution illustrations. Created by an
artist and automotive designer with a profound love for science fiction, this book
showcases a unique blend of gritty settings, innovative dieselpunk vehicles, and
resilient characters—predominantly women—who navigate this fascinating world.
Accompanied by the very prompts used to envision these scenes, "Retrospective"
offers not just a visual feast but an invitation to readers and creators alike to
explore and generate their own visions within this immersive universe. It's a tribute
to the spirit of creativity and innovation, designed for anyone who dreams of
exploring worlds where the past and future collide in spectacular fashion.
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